Financial Exclusion and the Child Poverty: A Local Perspective

Third Sector Leeds Goes Local workshops take place in each of the three areas of Leeds twice a year: East North East, West North West and South East.

TSL held a short workshop in March 2019 to start discussing the Impact of Financial Exclusion and Child Poverty and these conversations will now continue on a more localised level in our TSL Goes Local events.
It’s a cruel truth that if you’re poor it’s more difficult, and it costs you more, to get access to the financial services that can see you over the difficult times.
It’s an even crueller truth that the effects of poverty can reverberate through the generations effecting children and young people in different ways to their parents.
At this event aimed at local organisation there’ll be an opportunity to hear from: ·        
* The Council’s Financial Inclusion Team about the work they do to help deal with money pressures
* The Children, Families and Education department about how they want to bring the city together to combat child poverty
* A third sector organisation about their work In tabled discussion you’ll help to generate and shape ideas about how the third sector can make a difference around poverty.
Of course, like all our Third Sector Goes Local events there’ll be a chance to share what your organisation does to make a difference in your area.
Please book a place today using the links below: 
West North West | Tuesday 16 April | 1.30pm – 4.30pm | New Wortley Community Centre BOOK WNW HERE
East North East | Thursday 25 April | 1.30pm – 4.00pm | Old Fire Station
South East | Monday 29 April | 10.00am – 12.30pm | Hamara Centre          BOOK SE HERE
If you have any further questions please email