Changes to Service Delivery for 0-19 Year Olds in Leeds

From 1 April 2019 school nursing and health visiting services will come together as one 0-19 team to support children, young people and families. This new service will be known as the 0-19 Public Health Integrated Nursing Service, 0-19 PHINS for short, and will continue to improve how families and young people access health services in Leeds. It will be delivered by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust.


Some changes will happen quite quickly and others will develop over time. Attached is a timeline to show you what to you can expect to happen and when.


We will keep you updated over the coming months with key developments. We will be issuing further briefings, attending meetings with key partners and speaking with local people. If you would like any further information, for us to attend a meeting, or would like to be involved call us on 0113 843 0854 or via email