LTU Student Placements- We Want You!

Leeds Trinity University are looking for placements for our first and second year students.

We are currently running up to the placement period here at Leeds Trinity University and are therefore looking for organisations in the third sector that we can work with.

One cohort we are looking for placements for is Psychology/ Sociology/ Criminology who are primarily interested in support work and working with vulnerable adults, however they are also open to gaining experience within a charity by supporting with marketing/ social media/ research.

We ask that the student completes close to full time hours mon- fri however we know with that this is often not possible and therefore are flexible with days and times.

It is up to the organisation the type of project they would like to set the student, it is also possible to set project work that the student could complete at home/ within university if there isn't the capacity to have the student working in the service every day.

The placement dates are as follows:

Second year students: 15th April- 24th May

First year students: 27th May- 28th June  

Although these are the set dates, we do encourage students to stay on to volunteer after their placement finishes if possible with the organisation as we understand that some organisations put a lot into training up the student and with the type of work they are looking for, they need to be able to build a rapport with both service users and colleagues.  

In addition to the ‘ology’ courses, we are also looking for placements within sport health & nutrition, business Media & Marketing, Humanities, Law, Children Young People & Families.

If you are interested in offering student placements/volunteering or would like more information, please contact

I look forward to hearing from you!