Warp It Free Furniture Leeds!

A local business in your area is having a massive clear out! We thought you might be interested in signing up and claiming some free items for your offices! See article for more details.

This is Ben from Warp It Reuse Network

At Warp It we set up relationships between CVS members and corporate bodies so that members can get access to free furniture, office equipment stationery and other assets for free!

Here is the link to the clear out - https://warp-it.co.uk/search-results?search=leeds+and+york&category=0&type=company&perpage=20&page=1...
What next -
1) Sign up to Yorkshire charities here: https://warp-it.co.uk/company/yorkshirecharities/register
2) Come back to this message and click on the item links above
3) Wait for approval from our office
4) Claim any items you want for free!
5) You will get an email telling you how to collect your new items
Any Questions about how to get this free furniture feel free to email 
me at ben@warp-it.co.uk

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