Heritage on your doorstep with some TLC

TLC and Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods invite you to a weekly meet up for breakfast, walking, talking and taking photographs along the way.

They will run for 6 weeks, give people a chance to discover or rediscover two amazing local LS8 resources, meet new people and have some creative fun.

The sessions can be drop in or people can do all 6. They can join in for any part they like.  There will be a bit of help for anyone wanting to learn a few more photography skills. At the end of the sessions we will get the photographs mounted and framed and celebrate with a launch event at TLC. 

The walk from the cafe is around 20 minutes with further walking in the woods, and at the moment we do not have a budget for transport.

We may be able to organise for someone to drive or car share if we know people need a lift, and we can organise shorter walks to suit different needs.   

If anyone wishes to volunteer with the group and share their skills please contact me for more details: Natalie Tharraleos Volunteer Co-ordinator and Outreach Worker ToastLoveCoffee Cafe 13 Harehills Rd Harehills Leeds LS8 5HR Tel: 07793097215 volunteers@toastlovecoffee.co.uk Website: toastlovecoffee.co.uk

facebook.com/TLCHarehills Instagram/Twitter@toastlovecoffee

The cafe is open Monday-Thursday 8.45am-3.30pm

Please note that I work part time and cannot always respond immediately. I will always reply as soon as I can.

Print the flyer below to promote this event