Want to know about SNAPS?

SNAPS (Special Needs and Parent Support) is a Leeds charity that works with children with additional needs and their families.

We provide physiotherapy, recreational opportunities, fun activities for the whole family and vital support that dramatically improves the children’s and their families’ lives.  

About us
e are a small, local charity, founded in March 2004, run for and by parents/carers with disabled children.  We offer vital Hydrotherapy and Rebound therapy sessions on Saturdays and access to hall activities such as Boccia and music therapy, dance classes, sensory and free play in a safe environment. The children, parents and siblings benefit from the chance to meet, have fun and build relationships with other individuals and families in the same situation as themselves in a place where they don’t feel judged or have to explain their child’s disability. We are also about to launch a Football Club for children with additional needs and have included the poster for that in the attachments.   We provide a space where the whole family can play together - something that other families take for granted. We offer a safe, welcoming space where children (both the children with additional needs and their siblings) can make friends whilst playing with toys, exploring sensory and messy play, and participate in making music or dance. Alongside this, parents can meet other parents whilst doing fun activities with their children.   We currently support approximately 80 families at North and South Leeds each weekend.   At SNAPS we recruit highly qualified neuro paediatric physiotherapists, who create tailored rebound therapy plans for each child and deliver the therapy to meet each child's individual targets for progress. We celebrate our children’s achievements and milestones as our families are often told about all the things that their child won’t be able to achieve and we want to celebrate everything that they CAN do.  We can change our families’ hopes and dreams for their children as some of the children who come to SNAPS have been told they will never be able to achieve a physical breakthroughs such as walking or sitting and we are proud to have been able to help them to achieve milestones that were once thought impossible.  

For more information you can visit our website:   www.snapsyorkshire.org

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SNAPS Flyer - About SNAPS

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SNAPS Football Club

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Download the flyer to find out about the SNAPS Football Club or promote the activity in your own community