Yorkshire Miners' Welfare Seeks Trustees

Can you help this Yorkshire charity?

Yorkshire Miners' Welfare Convalescent Homes was re-established in 2000, registered charity number 230638.  
The objects of the Charity are to provide provision of convalescent facilities to persons who are or have been employed in the coal industry, or allied activities, within Yorkshire and their wives, husbands, and dependant relatives and also widows, widowers and necessitous relatives of deceased persons (qualifying as above). 
The charity currently operates a convalescent home in Lynwood, Scarborough where they provide short 5 day breaks.  
They are seeking dedicated Trustees to join them.  
The Trustees meet 4 times per year (in Scarborough and Pontefract) and although the position is unpaid out of pocket expenses can be claimed.  
The Resource Centre is based in Pontefract:
Yorkshire Coalfield Resource Centre
Halfpenny Lane
WF8 4AY  
If you can help please telephone the centre on 01977 703384 to get more information or use the contact details below.
Ian Lally – ian.lally@ciswo.org.uk
Barbara Dunn – Barbara.dunn@ciswo.org.uk