Community Led Local Development Leeds First Funding Awarded

The Community Led Local Development (CLLD) team are delighted to announce that the first CLLD Funding Agreement for Leeds has been awarded.

The Community Led Local Development Leeds team in Leeds have been hard at work supporting organisations through the application process and assessing ESF and ERDF project applications and they are delighted to announce the first CLLD Funding Agreement for Leeds has been awarded. The East Local Action Group (made up of representatives from the public, private, third sector and residents) approved the joint bid between LS14 Trust and Trust Leeds to deliver the ERDF project – Energising Enterprise through Self-Reliant Groups.

This innovative project will establish a new, sustainable network of 9 Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs) in East Leeds. SRG members work together in a facilitated peer setting, running their own micro-enterprise activities (individual or group) building experience, business & employability skills, confidence and community & network cohesion, moving towards purposeful employment.

Howard Bradley of LS14 Trust, the Project’s Director, and Liza Kellett of Partner Trust Leeds (delivery partner), describe their partnership: “LS14 Trust is particularly well-positioned to deliver this partnership project because of its track record of building confidence, skills and the capacity of a broad range of local people who have a variety of assets and challenges, in ways which work for them – and for their community. Trust Leeds describes its purpose as, ‘We help enterprising people and communities to change their own stories and grow their business ambitions. We trust people to work, save, and give back.’ These values are aligned in this new collaborative European funded project called ‘Energising Enterprise through Self-Reliant Groups’. Self-Reliant Groups (or SRGs for short) help people in challenging circumstances to save, share and learn together and to build long-term friendships and a peer support network. The SRGs choose their own enterprising or community activities which they plan and deliver through the Self-Reliant Group structure and principles.  A pilot SRG, the Glitter Fairy’s SRG based at LS14 Trust, celebrated its first anniversary by using its savings to buy a candy-floss machine!  “We’ve built up a local reputation by selling hand-made crafts and sweet gifts at local fairs and events.  Our ‘Fairy Can Alley’ game and tombolas are also a hit, and now our group’s Fund can profit more with a candy floss machine.” 

Paul Belbin, Chair of the East LAG, said: ‘We are delighted to announce that we have awarded our first contract. The LAG were extremely impressed both with the application and the project concept. Howard and Liza bring a wealth of experience to the project and we are all looking forward to working with them to make a difference in East Leeds.’

ESF and ERDF funding is still available in all three Leeds CLLD areas in the East, West and South of the City. Find out more on and get in touch with the team on