RNIB looking for office accommodation!

RNIB presently has a lease in the centre of Leeds which is about to expire and we're seeking a short-term solution for some of our staff while we transition to a new model of service delivery.

In an ideal world we're looking for serviced office style accommodation with about 12 to 16 desks. As we have business machines and guide dog owners the useable space we will need is c1,300 – 1,500 sqft. 
Accessibility in all it’s guises is very important to us – in both the built environment and with easy access by public transport (city centre is preferred). Some of my colleagues are guide dog owners and we will require safe access to a grassed area where guide dogs can spend, or a covered outdoor space where we can erect a dog pen.

Some of our colleagues deliver confidential telephone based services so an "office within an office" would be ideal. We're looking for a maximum of a year’s tenure – ideally with a six-month break – commencing perhaps as soon as October 2019.
As a Charity we have a strong preference to support other third sector organisations where we can. Please contact Paul Morrison by email paul.morrison@rnib.org.uk  or by mobile 07545 423920 if you'd like to know more or if you think you can help.

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