Blue Badge changes - key messages

The Department for Transport are changing the criteria for a Blue Badge to include non-visible disabilities.

The changes are effective from 30th August 2019.
Due to these changes all Blue Badge applications could take longer to be processed and people may come to you for advice on completing an application under the new criteria.  
For more information please see the links at the bottom of this document; it may help you to know that individuals who apply for a Blue Badge and do not immediately qualify are subject to further assessment.
At this point an applicant may need to identify a registered health and care professional (called an ‘expert assessor’) who has been involved with managing their disability.  
The Blue Badge Eligibility Assessment Team (BBEAT) may then contact the ‘expert assessor’ to seek their professional advice.
For questions / enquiries regarding Blue Badges visit the Blue Badge web pages at  or


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