TSL Goes Local Events: Climate Emergency and the Local Community

TSL Goes Local is a series of local networking and information events (aimed at smaller groups) that take place in each of the three areas of Leeds twice a year.

The Climate Emergency (and how all care for our planet) is perhaps the biggest challenge facing humanity. Solving these problems will take action from governments, from cities like Leeds and from people making a difference in their neighbourhoods.  
At our Autumn TSL Goes Local events we will be exploring:
  •  what Leeds City Council’s announcement of a Climate Crisis means for the future
  •  things that local people and local third sector organisations are already doing to make Leeds a greener, safer and happier place.  
  •  the way you want our city to become more sustainable 
East North East | Monday 11 November | 1.00pm – 4.00pm | The Vinery Centre                              
As always at TSL Goes Local, there’ll be an opportunity for you to network with people from other organisations, to share what your organisation does well and what you’re proud of and to influence the work of Third Sector Leeds.   
Please book a place today using the links above.

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