Become a Time to Shine Delivery Partner

We are looking for a new partner to help us to develop the story of our project in a way that can be used to communicate to our wide range of stakeholders.

Time To Shine is delivered in partnership with third sector organisations across Leeds. Since it began in 2015 Time To Shine has worked with twenty-three Delivery Partners who work either in a place- based setting or work to target a community of interest and they have delivered - or are delivering 92 projects. The main role of a Delivery Partner is to identify socially isolated older people and develop work which goes on to improve their physical and mental health and reduce their feelings of isolation.  
Storytelling Project
Summary of our requirements:
Since 2015 we have gathered evidence of what we have learned and the impact of the work that has been funded has been provided through a broad range of methods - statistical information, case studies, films, photographs etc. We are looking for now is a partner who can help us to capture what has been learned through storytelling in a way that is creative and engaging. Someone who can develop the story of our project in a way that can be used to communicate to our wide range of stakeholders. Someone who is passionate about co-production - creating something with older people - it is their storyThe Time to Shine team has the knowledge to provide the background, context and results of our monitoring and evaluation gathered over the last 4 years. Now is the right time for us to share and interpret our experiences.

  • To compliment our work through through the power of story, adding to the evidence base of the Time to Shine programme
  • To emotionalize the learning that we have gathered, giving colour and depth to what might otherwise seem like bland information allowing people to connect with our message in a deeper and more meaningful way
  • To capture the diverse range of projects delivered across Leeds by Time to Shine’s Delivery Partners to improve the lives of socially isolated older people
  • To simplify the complex issue of loneliness and social isolation and tell the simple truths.
  • To communicate varied points of view through personal stories
  • To create a bridge between the older people who have been involved in the projects and the funders, commissioners and policy makers of the city
  1. By creating stories that capture the journey travelled, through engagement with projects
  2. By using a variation of media - e.g written stories, photographs, film, audio, poetry, song, drama 
  3. By building relationships with a selection of our delivery partners
  4. By capturing the diversity of our work i.e LGBT+. BAME, Men, mental health, dementia, care homes etc
  5. By creating work that is shareable via our website, social media and other publicity
  6. By demonstrating the legacy of Time to Shine

We are inviting individuals / agencies to quote and we would like to work with someone who is intuitive, easy to communicate with and who shares our ambition to make Leeds the best city to grow old in.When?We are expecting the development of this storytelling project to be completed by December 2019, with work beginning in January 2020 and for all work to be completed no later than December 2020
Bidders to submit a four page (maximum) outline of what you plan to deliver, detailing your experience in delivering similar work and indicative timescales with budget by Friday 15th November 2019.

Bidders will be selected for interview with a panel from the Time to Shine team. Interviews will take place on 27th November 2019.
Maximum amount available £20,000.

Proposed plans to be sent to Linda Glew at