Male victims of child sexual abuse

Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership reminds practitioners that males can be victims of CSE.

Boys and young men are often overlooked as victims of child sexual exploitation.

They are also less likely to report abuse or exploitation themselves, therefore practitioners need to be aware of the signs and indicators of abuse that boys may exhibit.

The Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership are asking all practitioners to look beyond the behaviour and to question the reasons behind it.

Male victims of sexual exploitation are more likely to express trauma through anger, offending or aggression and as a consequence of this, many male victims are missed, because these types of behaviours may be seen as ‘typical’ in teenage boys.

Practitioners need to consider that males can be at risk of CSE as well as females and remind themselves of the signs and indicators.

Child sexual exploitation affects thousands of children and young people across the UK every year. As practitioners working with children and young people, we all have an important role to play in working together to safeguard children from child sexual exploitation to ensure that every child and young person in Leeds is protected from being at risk of, or experiencing sexual exploitation.

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