Leeds Year of Reading

We have now entered Leeds Year of Reading!

The main aim is to raise the profile of reading across our city and in particular to engage children and their families in positive reading activity to generate a long term love of reading.
We want Leeds to become a city of reading, where story and books are valued and an integral part of everyone’s lives. Leeds City Council is the second largest of the 36 metropolitan district councils in England in terms of both population and geographical area and is the only core city graded ‘Outstanding’ for Children and Families but we still have a gap in both educational experiences and outcomes for some of our most deprived communities.
Leeds is home to 190,000 children and young people aged 19 or under. Our ambition is to be the best city in the UK for them all to grow up in.
The push around reading and a love of reading is key to this so it would be great if a range of authors and illustrators could visit our city across the year Sept 2019 – Sept 2020 to help us to raise the profile of stories and the enjoyment of stories in all areas of Leeds.
A simple profile of Leeds:
Our new education strategy states:  
All children in Leeds read for learning and fun [Attain and Achieve]  
Reading is a vital skill that is a cornerstone of successful learning. Research shows that reading helps nurture the linguistic and creative skills needed at every stage of learning from the early years to adulthood. Reading in the early years can be an important part of family activities and build bonds between adult and infant. Reading in later years is vital to unlock the wider curriculum and to develop the critical and academic skills needed for work and later life.  
Following the whole child approach, our aim with the 3As Strategy is to promote reading not simply for learning but for enjoyment, not merely for tests but to provoke imagination and creativity. In line with the principles of ‘Think Family’ a key aim is to work to promote family reading and the strong bonds made possible by parents reading to their child. We will seek to activate the city around reading in support of families, children and schools.  
I know you will all be keen to be involved in the year of reading and you can find out more information at the website http://www.leedsforlearning.co.uk/YearofReading  
Follow the Year of Reading on twitter @LeedsYOR and use the hashtag #Leedslovesreading if you want to be involved.