#YouMadeItHappen Campaign 2019

The campaign on 11 October is an opportunity for voluntary sector organisations to say a big thank you to their supporters.

Many of you will have been involved in last year’s MCVO #YouMadeItHappen – an opportunity for voluntary sector organisations to say thank you to their supporters and to show them the difference their money and time has made, as well as showing the impact we make as a sector.

Building on the learning from last year’s campaign, we want to make #YouMadeItHappen even bigger and better for 2019.

This year’s campaign First of all, we are making the campaign a little earlier this year on 11 October 2019. Join us across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram all day on 11 October by thinking of the messages you want to highlight and using the hashtag #YouMadeItHappen.

The key is to make sure your supporters see you saying thank you.

  • Get everyone to notice the hashtag and see the amazing organisations they and their friends and family are supporting, as well as the huge range of work charities do.
  • Focus on providing stories and statistics that illustrate the difference your supporters make.
  • This is not about raising money or getting more volunteers signing up, it is about simply saying ‘thank you’ to those who have already donated their time and money, as well as showing them exactly what that time and money is achieving for your mission.


Stuck for ideas? Read the full news story here - https://blogs.ncvo.org.uk/2019/09/10/youmadeithappen-2019/