The Children's Society Prevention Programme

You have probably seen headlines that refer to “County Lines” and the exploitation of young people that comes with it.

You may have wondered what it means, and how you can help to tackle the issue.It is common knowledge that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, but how can we effectively safeguard when we can’t identify what we are seeing?

Exploitation can be harm that occurs outside the home, and throughout different areas of influence in a child or young person’s life. The Children’s Society are providing free sessions to help spread awareness of the signs and indicators of exploitation as well as a whole range of resources. We believe that communities have the power to safeguard young people, and want to equip groups with the confidence, knowledge and skill to prevent exploitation.

These sessions are suitable for everyone, particularly groups who have contact with children and young people.

Please contact for further information. If you are concerned about a young person’s wellbeing, please contact your Local Authorities Children’s services and speak to the Police on 101.