Advonet Stakeholder Survey 2019

Advonet have their annual stakeholder survey for 2019 out, inviting you to have your say on what they do

Advonet have just published their annual Stakeholder Survey for 2019. The survey’s aim is to find out from people in Leeds and Kirklees about what they do well, where they can improve and what you know and don’t know about the organisation.

The survey is open to: ·        
  • People who have used an Advonet service 
  • Parents, carers, family members, friends and professionals who have referred people to Advonet services
  • Members of the public in Leeds and Kirklees 
What happened after last year’s survey?

Following the feedback Advonet received from last year’s Stakeholder Survey, they made a few changes based on suggestions made by participants, including: 
  • Setting up a client involvement forum          
  • Providing better, more regular information about what is happening to people on the referral waiting list  
  • Increasing their social media presence with new accounts for different parts of their organisation

If you would like to take the survey, please click on the link below.

The deadline for responses is Monday 6th January 2020. To take the survey, please go to

Your feedback will be used to make further improvements to Advonet based on what you say.