Feedback from the TSL Climate Emergency Event

You only have to watch the news to know that the point of no return for climate change is frighteningly close.

With Leeds announcing a Climate Emergency and aspiration to move to carbon neutral by 2030.

TSL are keen  to get  members involved in the debate.

At Third Sector Leeds we see our ‘Goes Local’ programme of events as the main way that we hear from our members (often from smaller organisations) who work in different of neighbourhoods of Leeds.

Our Autumn event focussed the climate challenge and the action that third sector organisations can take. Part of TSL’s mission is to share knowledge about what’s going on Leeds, and beyond as widely as possible so we videoed the presentations.

Video 1 – Leeds City Council – How do we ensure Leeds is ready?
In his presentation, Rob Curtis from Leeds City Council shared some of the questions that Leeds is working through as part of the Climate Emergency.  For instance:
·        how do we  insulate the thousands of older houses in Leeds?
·        how do we Leeds ready for the necessary changes in transport?
Lots of these changes will need new policies from central government to enable them to happen, but through its Big Climate Conversation, Leeds is working through where it wants to go in the future.
Video 2 – Grow Wild – Linking individuals with the green agenda
Ben Fisher from Grow Wild talked about the importance of third sector organisations in making a link between individuals interested in the green agenda and the large scale challenges we face. He shared learning from fun projects that have got communities involved in greening their neighbourhoods.
Attendee Feedback
Of course, at TSL we always we want to know what our members think so we held a round table discussion about the things that third sector organisations can to do to change how they work and how they can support change in communities.
Some great ideas for local change included:
  • setting up community tool libraries and ‘libraries of everything’ where communities share the kit that everyone needs but uses rarely
  • looking at sharing buildings or analysing ‘grey transport’ (using personal cars for work use) to reduce our carbon footprint
  • helping to set up community gardens or local planting projects
The key message from the event was that TSL needs to produce regular guidance that pulls together the best advice for how to start making a difference, whether that’s sharing examples of effective projects, producing model policies or handy ‘how to’ guides for local change.
Leeds Citizens Jury
Since September a Citizens Jury has been considering the actions that should be taken by Leeds to address the Climate Emergency. The Jury reported on their findings on November 25, 2019.
You can find our about the Citizens Jury and its findings at the Leeds Climate Commission website.

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