Leeds Rebel Soup: micro-funding opportunity

A participatory, micro grants event. Based on the Detroit Soup model, this event is aimed at supporting efforts to support social change, fight injustice, discrimination or oppression.

Micro grants for rebellion!

There’s a lot wrong with the world. The dominant doctrine of profit over people is destroying people’s lives and the planet itself. We are looking for people who have got innovative ideas to help communities take control of their own lives, and who just need a small amount of funding and some allies to make it happen.
Leeds Rebel Soup is aimed at supporting small groups in Leeds with their efforts to bring about social change in their communities, fight injustice or oppression, challenge inequality or existing power structures, or develop and strengthen community relations in a challenging political and economic climate.

We invite groups to apply with basic details of their idea or project which needs funding. We then hold an fun, DIY event where the audience votes for the best idea while eating delicious soup and listening to music. The winning group wins all the door money to support them to achieve their aims.

If you, or an organisation you're involved with, has an idea which could help towards a fight for positive change, then we want to hear from you!

How it works: 

1. Check out our page www.facebook.com/leedsrebelsoup . A simple application form, including who can apply is available on the page, or email us on leedsrebelsoup@protonmail.com with any questions.
2. Submit your application, giving brief details of your project, the deadline is Friday 13th March. We are happy to help/ support applications.

3. Bids will be shortlisted to 4 by a panel, based on how realisable, impactful and exciting they believe each bid is; we will contact everyone that applied to let them know if they have been shortlisted or not - but even if you didn't make it, please still come to the soup event!

4. If you are selected as being in the top 4, come to the soup event on 25th April and enjoy some tasty soup and meet some interesting folk, united by a interest in grassroots social change (or maybe just soup..). We should also have some live music!

5. Pitch your idea to everyone present. Short pitch, no technology allowed, questions afterwards. If you win the vote at the end, all the entrance money will be given to you to realise your idea! All we ask is that you come back to the next Soup to tell us how it went.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you. 


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