Brex-Essentials 6 week course to make sense of Brexit

As the world is gripped and paralysed by a pandemic, new issues are piled on top of existing ones and the intensity of it all can feel overwhelming.

Brex-Essentials is a 6 week course to make sense of Brexit, gain a sense of direction and community.

If Brexit has shaken you right to the bones and you doubt your sense of belonging to this country then this course can support you to re-focus and help you move 6 steps ahead.
  • Have you felt powerless in the face of this major political shift?
  • Do you feel confused and unsure about what’s best to do next and where to get the support?
  • Do you feel unable to talk to your loved ones, friends and/or family about the depth of your anger, sorrow or confusion?
With this course, we want to focus on hope and connection. We want to give the opportunity to a small group of European women* to come together in an intimate, intentional and supported online space. To share their feelings and experiences, while also finding a new route through the mist of it all. 

At the end of this 6-week course you will have:
  • A deeper understanding of your emotional processing and where you are at in relation to others in your life.
  • Developed an understanding of emotional resilience and began to take on some new practices to look after your wellbeing.
  • Learnt new communication skills, specifically for having challenging and demanding conversations.
  • Expanded your skill repertoire for tackling a crisis.
  • Have a sense of direction - what your next steps are.
  • New meaningful friendships with like-minded people.
The course is led and co-facilitated by two experienced, heartfelt and professional women: Fra Panella and Jill Mann - see more info below.

The comfort of your home - on Zoom

Wednesday Evening on 13, 20, 27 May and 3, 7, 10 June - From 7.30-9 pm

£30 per 6 weekly sessions
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