Autism and COVID-19: Your experience and how West Yorkshire Police can help

Leeds Autism AIM have a survey out for autistic people to share their experience of the lockdown and how the local police can help

Leeds Autism AIM, part of Advonet, have a survey out for autistic adults in Leeds. It is about COVID-19, the lockdown and any issues with going outside. It asks:
  • About your experience of the COVID-19 lockdown 
  • What would make it better 
  • What your thoughts are on what West Yorkshire Police can do about the COVID-19 guidelines and how they can help to reduce anxiety when going outside

The survey is at this link:


The deadline for responses is Tuesday 12th May at 5pm. Any feedback given will be anonymised and passed on to West Yorkshire Police, who will use it to help improve the way they work with autistic people during the lockdown.