Resourcing Racial Justice - Covid-19 funds for Communities of Colour

Resourcing Racial Justice (RRJ) is a coalition of people of colour (POC) who aim to established a new UK wide-funding pool to support individuals and communities working towards racial justice.

RRJ aim to provide financial support to organisations, community and grassroots groups that are working to redress the impact of COVID-19 and beyond on those who identify as POC (which includes other terms such as BAME, racialised people and black, indigenous, people of colour BIPOC).

RRJ understand that many POC experience crisis on a daily basis and our commitment is to get money to the people who need it most. Funding is being raised from both Trusts and public donations. Support marginalised groups. 

Grants will be for between £5,000 and £50,000 for:

  • Ideas that present transformational and radical alternatives that will support people of colour creating solutions for change on a systemic level.
  • 'Ecosystem builders' – visionaries that exist between the mainstream and the margins who are working to mobilise connections and resources for the benefit of their communities. This could include: Lived Experience Leaders –POC leaders; activists; community leaders; innovators; change-makers working on racial justice.
  • Those with an international perspective, seeking to amplify and build relationships with communities in the global south in order to achieve global change.
  • We welcome projects connected to faith and spirituality.

Funds will be distributed via Help Refugees and Prism the Gift Fund platform.

Help Refugees are supporting us through their experience of crowdfunding and disseminating funds in a crisis. (Help Refugees is a restricted fund under Prism the Gift Fund, registered charity no. 1099682.)

How to apply:
On 18 May 2020, we will release details of the application process.
On the 20 May 2020 at 6pm the Resourcing Racial Justice Coalition will be holding a launch event webinar where you can find out more information on the Resourcing Racial Justice Fund, the coalition and how to apply.
Deadline for applications will be 15 June and decisions will be made on 29 June 2020.

Further information at: 

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