Leeds Social Care is recruiting

Leeds Social Care is still open for business and a variety of paid roles are available.

Over the past weeks – and still at this present time, while many family carers and care staff across Leeds have had to take time off from their caring jobs and responsibilities, social care providers have played a crucial role in keeping the city going.

With ongoing safekeeping a priority, we are still open for business – building our caring workforce and continuing to provide high-standard services in protecting our most vulnerable residents. A variety of roles are available in a range of different settings including home care, supported living and residential care. They are suited to people who care about the quality of life and welfare of other people.

The jobs require a caring and nurturing personality, empathy and patience. Temporary, permanent, part-time and full-time posts are available and full training is provided, so previous experience isn’t necessary.

The recruitment process:

The academy uses a values-based recruitment and selection process for entry into the sector. Assessments focus on a candidate’s values, attitudes and behaviours which are in line with that of the care sector; and basic literacy and numeracy.  

Leeds City Council carries out the processing of the necessary enhanced and portable Disclosing and Barring Service (DBS) certificates; and collates this information, the person’s employment history and any documents required under the Asylum and Immigration Act.  

The council aims to have people trained and in their roles within two weeks. A rolling programme of assessments followed by training is in process and will continue over May and June 2020.

People whose jobs have been affected by the pandemic; students with time and energy to spare; recently retired people; or volunteers who can step up into these paid roles are particularly encouraged to apply.

To book a place or if you want to find out more, please email: wecareacademy@leeds.gov.uk and include your contact telephone number for a prompt response.