TSL Weekly Update

Test and Trace FSI Fundraiser Conference Assessing the risks after lockdown: What do we need to do?

Test and Trace
The national Test and Trace service was launched on 28/05/20.
The process is as follows:
·       Anybody displaying symptoms must self-isolate immediately (along with the rest of their household) and get a test. Everybody, including the under 5s, are now eligible for testing.
·       If an individual tests positive they will be asked by NHS contact tracers to provide the details of everybody they have been in close proximity with.
·       NHS contact tracers will make contact with those people and ask them to self-isolate for 14 days. This is voluntary at first but may become mandatory- a strong degree of public cooperation will be required.
·       A contact tracing app is to be rolled out in coming weeks to support this.  
Here are two links to more detailed relevant information NH Test and Trace - how it works and NHS Test and Trace Workplace Guidance. We will ensure that our website, coronavirus line and FAQs are updated in light of this guidance
FSI Fundraiser Conference
The  FSI’s popular fundraising conference is going virtual on 18th June! And it’s free for charities under £100k, and just £30 for everyone else. Hear from small charity experts on securing your first corporate partner, starting regular giving from scratch, prioritising your funding options when time is tight, making the most of digital fundraising, and much more.

SCVO has a very interesting online event on 3rd June, 2:30-3:30pm 

Assessing the risks after lockdown: What do we need to do? We will cover risk assessments, new risk controls and ongoing monitoring and review of new procedures.