Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Support Services Fund

COVID-19 Extraordinary Ministry of Justice Funding to meet additional costs incurred by registered charities and social enterprises adapting services during pandemic. Deadline extended to 5th June.

COVID-19 Extraordinary Ministry of Justice Funding for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Support Services 24 March 2020 – 31 October 2020
The MOJ has secured £25 million as part of a £76 million government package of support to charities supporting vulnerable people including victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse. 

In West Yorkshire £786,000 will be distributed via Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs). The funding will be ring-fenced for COVID-19 related emergency funding, and then ring-fenced again for spend on each of the three areas of need below.  The COVID-19 extraordinary funding is to meet the additional costs registered charities or social enterprise have incurred or will incur whilst adapting their services during the pandemic, and to cope with demand increases resulting from it, during this time period.

Domestic abuse services that are already commissioned by PCCs £393,000
Sexual violence services that are already commissioned by PCCs and those that are not currently funded by PCCs £196,500
Domestic abuse services that are not currently commissioned by PCCs £196,500

The process for funding requests

To ensure a fair assessment is made across all areas, the PCC will establish the following as part of the needs assessment process:
• if an organisation is currently funded by the PCC;
• if the organisation supports victims with protected characteristics (BAME, LGBT, disabled victims);

• if the organisation has lost income due to COVID-19 (e.g. a planned fundraising event not taking place);
• if the organisation’s existing contracts have been honoured by funders;
• any additional income connected to COVID-19 that the organisation has received. (Income from local government, statutory services, donations and any ongoing donation activity);
• how the organisation’s current reserve level compares to business as usual. (Is the organisation having to use their reserves to keep running);
• what additional costs the organisation has incurred due to the COVID-19 lockdown from 24 March 2020; and
• what anticipated additional costs due to COVID-19 lockdown the organisation expects to have until the end of October 2020.

To apply please read and complete the attached documents and return by 5pm Friday 5 June 2020 Requests received after this deadline will not be accepted.
Please return by email titled ‘COVID019 funding request’ to: and

For all queries, please contact Julia Clough, Head of Commissioning Mob: 07716 701 705.  

Please use the link to read the full MoJ guidance notes for the fund

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