TSL News: Beacon Programme Continues to Support Small Charities

The Beacon Programme has received funding till end of Sept. to continue supporting Chairs of small charities through corona pandemic.

The Beacon Programme, run by Association of Chairs, has secured additional funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to continue supporting small charity Chairs through the coronavirus pandemic until 30 September 2020. 

 As part of this support, they will be running a series of webinars and online peer and expert surgeries which will be able to access free of charge. A programme of events can be found here.

The Beacon Resource Bank will also remain open until 30 September.
They're keen to reach and support as many small charity Chairs as possible so please continue to share information about Beacon with your networks. Registration for the Beacon Programme will remain open until 30 September.  

For more information or if you  would like to discuss the Beacon Programme, please email Isabel.Locke@associationofchairs.org.uk.

TSL has produced a series of regularly updated guides to ensure our members have up to date information.

You can find these at - https://doinggoodleeds.org.uk/information-and-guidance.html