TSL News: Test & Trace Service Overview

The NHS Test & Trace service is a central part of the Government's Covid-19 recovery strategy. Here is an overview of how the service works.

Test and Trace Overview
The NHS Test and Trace service is a central part of the Government’s Covid-19 recovery strategy. The service aims to control the Covid-19 rate of reproduction (R), reduce the spread of infection and save lives by:
  • Testing anybody who develops symptoms of Covid-19, plus targeted testing of asymptomatic NHS and social care staff and care home residents. 
  • Tracing close recent contacts of anyone who tests positive for coronavirus and, if necessary, notifying them that they must self-isolate at home to help stop the spread of the virus. 

The system relies on self-reporting by the public.
  • When they experience symptoms they are required to self-isolate for seven days, but will be able to order a test on-line or by calling 119.
  •  If they test positive they will be contacted by the NHS Test and Trace Service, which will ask about their symptoms, whether they have family/other people living with them, whether they need support in self-isolating. 
  • Individuals will be asked for the name and contact details of anyone outside their household they have been in close contact with in the two days before their symptoms started, and whether they work in/have recently visited a setting with other people (such as a school, workplace or GP’s surgery).  
  • The NHS Test and Trace Service will then trace close recent contacts of anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, and if necessary notify them they must self-isolate. 
  • Most people will be able to self-isolate for the maximum two week period without any support. However, where someone who has been advised to self-isolate needs practical/social/financial support, they will be directed to the Council for help with things like food or medicine deliveries. Phone: 0113 378 1877 (7 days a week, 9am to 6pm).

Further Resources and Guidance: TSL has produced a series of regularly updated guides to ensure our members have up to date information. You can find these at - https://doinggoodleeds.org.uk/information-and-guidance.html