TSL News: Black Lives Matter Education Resources

The death of George Floyd has highlighted the significant injustices experienced by members of BME communities. Here is a list of resources to help educate and challenge race inequality.

The death of George Floyd and inequities relating to COVID-19 have highlighted the significant injustices experienced by members of BME communities in the US and Europe and are currently receiving a high profile globally, offering the opportunity for real social change. 

The Inequalities Network in Leeds aims to challenge such injustice and there are a number of specific actions that we  can each take to further develop our understanding of racial inequality at this important time.  

Key messages from the Black Lives Matter movement is that individuals, particularly those who do not experience racial discrimination, should educate themselves about the injustices behind current inequities and work to challenge these.

Here are some opportunities and resources to support this global effort: 
  • A Race and Health collective webinar on June 11th titled “Building Back Better”- register at www.raceandhealth.org. Flyer attached below. There is an opportunity to put forward questions to be answered at the event and  pre-reading by writers such as Arundati Roy, Afua Hirsch and UN contributors.
  • The Leeds Consensus Statement– best practice principles to avoid replicating social inequalities in research on ethnicity and health (these could potentially apply to other disciplines too).   
  • Follow @raceandhealth on Twitter and Instagram for media updates.  The collective is involved in a planned Lancet Series on Racism, Xenophobia, Discrimination and Health. The main aims are to provide historical context, evidence for poor health outcomes due to racism and evidence of interventions that tackle the impact of racism on health.
  • The Race and Health website will shortly have a resources hub that can be accessed via  www.raceandhealth.org
TSL has produced a series of regularly updated guides to ensure our members have up to date information. You can find these at - https://doinggoodleeds.org.uk/information-and-guidance.html