VAL Risk Assessment

Voluntary Action Leeds has shared our risk assessment and PPE guidance so that others can learn from our experience.

Over the last couple of weeks, as the phased re-opening of the economy has moved forward, Voluntary Action Leeds has begun to consider how it can to bring more staff back into the workplace.

The partial re-opening of Stringer House to employees is a voluntary scheme and responds to feedback from the staff team that there are both social and work benefits from being able to, safely,  see colleagues in person.

In preparing for this change in our working practice VAL have worked with Forum Central to design and apply a risk assessment that enables us to: ·       
  • facilitate socially distant working, ·        
  • maintain effective infection control ·         
  • understand that  we can only open our building to absolutely essential visitors and contractors and that additional control measures (a written declaration) are needed to manage this risk
VAL is committed to sharing our learning with our members and the wider third sector, so today we are publishing our risk assessment. We are also publishing a guide on PPE for third sector organisations, which was also developed with Forum Central.

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