Art Fund: Respond and Reimagine grants

Grants to help UK museums, galleries, libraries and cultural organisations & festivals with visual arts focus, respond to immediate challenges connected to COVID-19 crisis

The Art Fund is providing Respond and Reimagine grants to help museums, galleries and cultural organisations respond to immediate challenges connected to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, and offer support to adapt and reimagine ways of working for the longer-term future.These grants can provide practical support to fund what applicants need now.

If an organisation is experiencing an immediate crisis with no alternative sources of funding, the Art Fund can consider offering emergency support to help organisations manage during this difficult period. Applicants are encouraged to let The Art Fund know what support will be most helpful, such as costs connected to re-opening:
  • Staffing
  • Equipment
  • Training
  • Planning for future activities.

All public museums, galleries, historic houses, libraries and archives in the UK are eligible to apply. Organisations that are a visual arts agency or festival are eligible to apply providing they can meet the above criteria and have a strong visual arts focus.Grants from £10,000 to £50,000 are available. The Art Fund will consider offering 100% funding.

The next deadline for applications is 6 July 2020, 17 August and 12 October 2020 and decisions are made within a month of each deadline.

The fund cannot support:

  • Theatre, music, dance or other art forms.
  • Applications from individuals, artists’ groups, commercial organisations, hospitals, places of worship, schools or higher education institutions, organisations with a focus on music, drama, dance and artforms outside the visual arts.

Details and on-line form at:   

The fund asks you to get in touch and let them know which round you might apply to or to ask any questions.