#NationalWindrushDay Event 22 June

National Windrush Day is coming up and is an opportunity to celebrate the contribution that the Windrush Generation have made to the cultural, economic and political fabric of Britain.

The Geraldine Connor Foundation are marking the day with an online event: Generations Dreaming. This two-hour event will combine music and literature on the themes of Windrush and passing on stories to the next generation.

Enjoy a mixture of literature and music from the Windrush Generation and their descendants, hosted by Khadijah Ibrahiim & Emily Zobel Marshall. Mon 22 June, 7pm.
Here is a sample social media post to share: Celebrate #NationalWindrushDay with Generations Dreaming.
We have also created a Windrush Learning Resource that combines short films with literature, recipes, music and information about Windrush, the Windrush Generation and their legacy.
It contains everything that you need to teach a lesson on Windrush and will be a valuable resource for parents that are currently home-schooling their children. The content is suitable for young people from KS2 onwards.
Everything can be found on our website: https://www.gcfoundation.co.uk/pages/category/windrush-learning-resource-2020