TSL News: Locality Report and Campaign

This report shows how well the third sector has responded to Covid-19 and how we have been part of this response.

A new report (released on 15 June) from Locality highlights the vital role that community organisations have played in meeting community need and supporting people during the Coronavirus crisis. Locality have found
Key findings:
1.       Existing social infrastructure has been vital to the crisis response
2.       Well-functioning local systems have emerged in the heat of the crisis
3.       The role of community organisations as “cogs of connection” has been strengthened
4.       Community organisations have adapted at pace – but need support to meet the challenges of the future  
Key asks of Goverment:
5.        Opportunity 1: Support a community-powered economic recovery
6.        Opportunity 2: Create collaborative public services that unlock community power
7.        Opportunity 3: Turn community spirit into community power
These are very similar to the priorities that TSL have identified too.