Volunteer Support Helpline Launched in Leeds

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new volunteer service which could support you in your volunteering role: Leeds COVID-19 Volunteers Support Line.

We know that the COVID crisis has affected all of us in different ways, and in volunteering to support others, you have been able to give something positive back to your community in these uncertain times. But we know that as volunteers, you may also be in need of support to talk about your experiences of volunteering during the crisis.

To help with this, a group of new volunteers have come together managed by Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service (which runs Connect, Dial House and Dial House @ Touchstone). These volunteers will be on hand seven days a week from 9am – 6pm from this week onwards.

  • The helpline is open to all people involved in front line COVID-19 volunteering in Leeds.
  • The helpline offers a listening / debrief service to talk about anything related to your front line volunteering experiences and feelings.
  • Its there for volunteers to talk about anything thats been on their minds since they started volunteering — we have all been through a stressful, unprecedented time, and talking about your experiences is proven to offset the effects of psychological trauma. Even talking about the good stuff can help.


If you’d like to talk to one of the volunteers please all 0113 483 0888.

Calls can last up to 50 minutes and are guided by what you need to talk about. Whilst they get completely up and running and fully staffed, there will be an answerphone in case no one is available to pick up your call – please bear with them and do call back later if they are not available.

A note on confidentiality:
LSLCS use a standard confidentiality framework, which they will be happy to explain when you call. Essentially, what you tell them will be subject to ‘team confidentiality’ (i.e. they may discuss issues you bring to support each other, but these won’t be passed on outside of the debrief service staff / LSLCS without your consent). If they do need to take something further then they will be open with you about this before doing so to agree what you are comfortable with being shared. However, there may be times this is not possible, for example if you tell them of suspected abuse of a child or vulnerable adult.

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