Give a Gift Charity - COVID-19 Response

The Give a Gift concept has been developed by a partnership of organisations that recognises the need for the Muslim community to play a wider role within the mainstream society.

Give a Gift (based in Harehills) works with disadvantaged communities including refugees, asylum seekers, destitute, homeless and those living below the poverty line.

The Give A Gift team and volunteers have been working really hard to meet the needs of local communities by providing food parcels, to over 700 beneficiaries a week. They have now become the cultural hub for the East of Leeds, distributing food parcels, essential toiletries and food vouchers to struggling families within the BAME Communities.

Through mobilising our volunteers, we are responding to ensure our communities have access to food and essential non-food items during this crisis.In the last week we have distributed over 200 food parcels and expect to be distributing hundreds more over the next few weeks. We are also providing over 150 hot meals a week to help those who struggle to access cooking facilities.  If you have identified any families who require a food parcel contact Give a Gift, Roundhay Road Resource Centre, 233-237  Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 4HS.

Contact 0113 380 5676 / 0113 3805677. Our office hours are Monday 10am -5pm, Tuesday 10am - 5pm and Wednesday 9.30am-5pm. For emergency situations please call 07734 882116.

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