COVID-19 vaccine research

Developing a COVID-19 vaccine is an important part in protecting people from COVID-19


Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) has launched a city-wide COVID-19 vaccine research delivery team to plan for large scale COVID-19 vaccine research recruitment across Leeds, Harrogate and York.


There are a number of different research studies being looked at for the region, so more details on each vaccine will be released in the coming weeks. For now, we need people to register their interest in taking part so when we are ready to start recruiting people we can get in contact right away.


For this to happen, it’s important for large-scale vaccine research studies to involve as many people as possible from our community to sign up and take part. This gives researchers a better understanding of how well each vaccine works, and how it works for different communities.


Our aim as Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust is to start vaccine research trials in Autumn this year in Leeds, Harrogate and York.


To find out more about COVID-19 Vaccine research and to register visit

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