Return to school and college

The government is aiming to reduce the number of children and young people going to school & college on public transport by 50%.

However, we know how hard many young people with SEND have worked to achieve independent travel – we’ve trained over 1,500  young independent travellers ourselves. We know it’s vital they don’t lose that independence. Therefore we’ve produced the attached leaflet specifically for them, along with this video (this has been produced at great speed and we wanted get it online asap – subtitles will be added in a day or two).

These resources are intended to give a sense of how things might be different, and ensure young people have the confidence to get out and about again.   We’ve worked hard with our partners at Metro to identify those routes most used by school and college students, and to add capacity to the public transport network. This has included arranging adding duplicate services to existing bus routes, so that there’ll be an extra bus following on the key routes at key times.

We’re really confident that every child and young person who needs to use public transport to get to school or college, including those with SEND, will have services there for them. There is a link to Metro’s web page here with a wealth of information about school transport, which will be regularly updated.

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