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Key points from third sector meeting with Councillor Blake and Tom Riordan; 14 September 2020

On 14 September, Third Sector Leeds’ Leadership Group and other sector leaders were invited to a briefing with Councillor Blake and Tom Riordan about the current Covid-19 situation and the role of the third sector. We wanted to share some key points from the discussion.

More details on these points can be found here.


- Leeds’ senior leaders know and recognise the job the third sector have been doing.


- It is a challenging time and we all need to pull together to get the key messages out


- Leeds is getting ready for the revised test and trace app


- Leeds will be taking a ‘Together Leeds’ approach to the new rules


- Availability of testing and PPE is a bottleneck


- Some other points that third sector leaders made


- Ways that you can help


- Share key messages

Right now, its really important that will all keep reinforcing the key messages about Covid security: 

Keep a safe distance from others.

Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds.

You must wear a face covering on public transport and shops.

Got symptoms? Get tested. No one in your household should leave home if any one person has symptoms.

Self-isolate when alerted. If you’re told by the NHS that you have been exposed to an infected person then you must self-isolate for 14 days.

Local support is available. If you are self-isolating and don’t have friends or family that can help, ring 0113 378 1877.

Get a ‘Test and Trace App’ QR code for your building and promote it to others

You can help to make test and trace successful in Leeds by getting a QR code for your venue, making and displaying the poster. You can promote this to everyone in your networks.

You can find information about how the app works and how to make a QR poster here

Let us know the strengths and challenges in your work

Throughout the emergency TSL has been working with other organisations (like Voluntary Action Leeds and Forum Central) to listen to the needs of third sector organisations and communities and feed them back to the Council and other partners. If you are aware of specific challenges, you could speak to the TSL representative for your area of work (a full list of representatives is here), or you could contact us directly at richard.warrington@val.org.uk.

Take part in the sector resilience survey

A partnership of organisations across Yorkshire recently launched a second ‘sector resilience’ survey. This survey will help to build a strong picture of how well third sector is doing now, and what the challenges might be in the future. We’d encourage every organisation to complete it by 30 September

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