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LampNote – a new way to create and share local notices

Added: 03/10/2013

Red Anorak Ltd

LampNote is a new website which makes it easy to share information with your community and get local publicity for causes, events and organisations you care about

A LampNote is a simple and stylish online poster which is associated with a small target area, you can think of them as being notices pinned to lamp-posts, hence the name.

Once you’ve created a LampNote you can download a .pdf poster that can be printed and used as flyer. The poster contains a QR code and a short url so anyone who sees it can easily find your lampnote online. You can also customise your LampNote using one of the stylish themes.

LampNotes are completely public so they can be easily shared on social networks, no registration is required for users to browse the site  LampNotes are seen by search engines. They are ideal for causes or organisations which don’t yet have a website of their own, especially if they also require posters or flyers.

LampNote users can find notices targeted at their community by entering their postcode or street address. Mobile users can find notices using GPS geolocation

LampNote was developed right here in Yorkshire by Red Anorak Ltd, a new company who are dedicated to developing useful web applications that stand out. 


Red Anorak Ltd

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