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Let’s Be Clear – 4G and Freeview preparing you to help others

Added: 20/01/2014

Voluntary Action Leeds

The roll out of 4G mobile services may cause disruption to Freeview TV services, at800 are here to help.

4G (fourth generation) mobile phone services are coming to Leeds. There is a small chance the 4G signals may cause disruption to Freeview services. 

at800 is here to help those viewers whose Freeview services may have disruption from 4G services at the 800 MHz frequency.

Third sector organisations working within the community may come into contact with people who may be affected. These are the sort people that often depend on their TV more than most. By you being aware of what is happening and signposting people to where they can get help, it means people won’t be left without TV.

What to do

at800 wants you to know what is happening so that you know how to help should people you support if they see any disruption on their Freeview services.  They want:

  • Staff and/or volunteers to know that there is a small chance that there may be disruption with Freeview in their area.
  • Organisations to ask staff and/or volunteers to listen out for the people they work with reporting new issues with Freeview and then signpost them to the at800 contact centre.
  • Identify other organisations, forums or stakeholders to cascade information about the at800 service.

More information

For more information visit the at800 website at

A ‘Lets be Clear at 800guide’ aimed at third sector organisation is also available, if you are interested please contact Ann Crossland at VAL on or call 0113 297 7942.

Voluntary Action Leeds

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