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New adult learning opportunities

Added: 24/09/2013

People Matters (Leeds) CIC

People Matters have a host of new adult learning opportunities launching at the beginning of October 2013. All courses are for people with learning disabilities.

The adult learning classes for  people with learning disabilities at People Matters (Leeds) include lots of interesting opportunities, from decorating to art, money handling to cooking. They are funded by Leeds City Council and the Skills Funding Agency as part of the city’s adult and community learning programme.

People Matters were very pleased to be part of the May 2013 Ofsted inspection which graded provision in Leeds as good. Courses this autumn are free to access again. (Some classes make a small charge to cover the cost of materials). 

National figures suggest that there must be approx 15,000 people in Leeds with learning disabilities but many are invisible to the local authority and health services. Economic inactivity and/or isolation means people may face real challenges. These are just the people that could be helped if more of them can be found

The People Matters learning programme is now three times larger than it was in 2011 and their biggest ever recruitment campaign working with partners across the city has been launched. However, because they are looking for those that are hard to find so it’s important that friends/families/neighbours all get to find out what is on offer so they can share information and encourage or support people to get in touch. Could you help by displaying or sharing the People Matters courses poster 2013 (pdf)

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People Matters (Leeds) CIC

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