People and Employment

People make a difference. To deliver services well you need to have people who are committed to the aims of your organisation, have the right skills and are managed effectively.

Group of people at a networking event

This section provides lots of information, advice and support to help your organisation ensure it staff make a difference.

In this section:
Workforce Planning

Organisations large and small need people who have the knowledge and skills to help in the delivery of services and who can contribute to the achievement of an organisation’s objectives.

Dealing with problems

When things do not go according to plan you may have to deal with a wide range of employment related issues.

Equality and Diversity

Everyone is different.

Staff Development

Effective performance management and staff development will help you to meet the aims and ambitions of the organisation.


Getting employment contracts right is a must for all employers.

Rights and Benefits

There are a range of policies that employers need to put in place to meet legal requirements and to aspire to best practice.

Health and Safety

Ensuring the safety of all in the workplace is a must – it’s not negotiable!

Recruitment and Induction

Recruiting staff is a costly business and it pays to get it right.

Changes in Employment

Organisations and the services they deliver do not stay the same over time.

A to Z of Policies

To ensure that you are a best practice employer you need to have good policies and procedures in place.

Offices to rent

A number of third sector organisations in Leeds provide office accommodation to rent, targeted at other third sector organisations in Leeds.

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