Good planning can help organisations in lots of ways.

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Planning can help you: 

  • Work out what you want to do (your goals)
  • Work out if you can achieve what you want
  • Think about how you are going to achieve what you want – prioritising
  • Work out any extra support you might need
  • Think about what you might do if some things don't work out
  • Think about the changes you want to make in the future
  • Plan to make changes successfully

Failing to plan is planning to fail...

In this section:
Project Planning

A project plan is where you map out details of who, what and when for the delivery of a specific project or activity within your organisation. This is often done on a Gantt chart or Bar chart.

Action Planning

An action plan is similar to a business plan but less detailed. It is mainly for smaller organisations and can be vital to the success of what you are doing.

Operational Planning

An operational plan maps out strategic goals and sets out how they will be achieved.

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