Project Planning

A project plan is where you map out details of who, what and when for the delivery of a specific project or activity within your organisation. This is often done on a Gantt chart or Bar chart.

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Your project plan should include:

  • An overview of the reasons for your project
  • A detailed description of intended results
  • A list of all constraints the project must address
  • A list of all assumptions related to the project
  • A list of all required work
  • A breakdown of the roles you and your team members will play
  • A detailed project schedule
  • Needs for personnel, funds, and non-personnel resources (such as equipment, facilities, and information)
  • A description of how you plan to manage any significant risks and uncertainties
  • Plans for project communications
  • Plans for ensuring project quality

Help with project planning

For support with creating an strategic plan contact SEE Ahead.