Recruitment and Induction

Recruiting staff is a costly business and it pays to get it right.

round table meeting

Choosing the right people for the job is fundamental and when it is done well then the organisation benefits.

The implementation of the good procedures to ensure your organisation abides by all the legal requirements and offers fair an sensitive treatment to all job applicants will aid this process.

Induction and probation

Supporting staff as they adjust or acclimatise to their jobs and their working environment is important. Organisations that value their staff will have an induction programme which will provide all the information that new staff need, and are able to assimilate, without being overwhelmed.

Having an induction policy and process is important because they set out the procedures an organisation will take to ensure new staff are introduced to the organisation and become productive members of the workforce as soon as is practically possible.

Induction policies can:

  • Reduces the time taken for new staff to become effective
  • Helps with staff retention and commitment
  • Introduces new staff to the organisation and its values
  • Provides an understanding of the job and how it fits with the organisation
  • Demonstrates that as an employer your people are valued
  • Can be used to introduce personal objectives and is the start of the probationary period

Help with Health and Safety

A range of services provided by PERS (Pay & Employment Rights Service) are available to help your organisation with its recruitment and induction policies. To find out more contact PERS.