Reporting to Funders

Funders will usually ask for monitoring reports about how you have spent their money – figures as well as words.


Your report will need to show, by category, the spend incurred so far and what the remaining balance of the funding is.  

Your cashbook (for recording transactions) will need to be structured to collect this information.  WYCAS have developed a free excel cashbook which can help you to achieve this. Cashbook excel format (at the top of the list).  Contact WYCAS for help in setting this up for your organisation, or adapting your current bookkeeping system in order to more effectively manage your funds.

Further information is also available in the Funding section.

Help with reporting to funders

For help with report writing, including one-to-one support sessions contact WYCAS (West Yorkshire Community Accounting Service).

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“One to one support on budget planning and reports to funders”

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