Third Sector Informatics Project

The Third Sector Informatics Project aims to help the sector in Leeds to use data and informatics better and thereby contribute more fully to the city's shared agendas.

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The Third Sector Informatics Project (TSIP) has been a key strand of partnership activity from the early days of LeedsACTS! Broadly speaking the aims of the project are to develop and support the more effective use of informatics and data by the third sector, by using academic strengths and expertise to enable the sector to: 

  • make a greater contribution to the city's collective strategic thinking and planning by contributing the wealth of data that it holds
  • contribute to the open data agenda in the city, in particular by supporting organisations to place data on Leeds Data Mill
  • improve service planning and delivery at organisational level by understanding and using the full range of available data sources, both internal and external.

To this end a number of events and activities have been held as part of the TSIP strand, the most significant being a piece of scoping work undertaken during summer 2014 with six local organisations, which resulted in the November 2014 Project report available below; subsequent work as part of TSIP has for the most part flowed from this.

Most recently (July 2015) an event was held with partners and stakeholders, to take stock of wider data/informatics  developments in Leeds and to consider the potential for development of a third sector informatics strategy for the city. Materials used at this event, and the notes from it, are available below.

We are currently seeking resources to take the important work of this project forward properly.


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