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Applying for Small Grants

Voluntary Action Leeds

We will identify how best to approach a range of funders e.g.  local council and national lottery pots, chartable trusts and one-off funders, ensuring eligibility. We will discuss what funders look for in a successful application looking at key questions about your organisation, the need/idea for your activities, project outline, outcomes for beneficiaries, community involvement/lead, budget and so on.  We will assess some example questions and answers. 

We can offer you support by e-mail following the course to give you feedback on your draft bids.


Learning Outcomes

  • Check your eligibility    
  • Be aware of what funders want to know about your group and project/activity
  • Answer key questions on application forms
  • Get feedback on your draft applications (post course)


Suitable For

Any voluntary or community group (volunteer or worker) new to applying for small grants, and any group needing help to complete an application for a small grant.


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