Aspirations Training Course

When 6 March to Monday 1 May, 2017
Provided by Barca-Leeds

Aspirations Training course (also known as ‘Foot in the door’ training) is a free training course designed to help people to get their ‘foot in the door’ in the voluntary or community sector working with people who require support in their lives at some level.

The course is funded by a charitable trust and involves a partnership of different organisations from Leeds.

This course is open to everyone. You may have some experience of working within the support/care sector or you might have no experience at all. You may have received support or care services in the past or you may have never come across any such services. It may be the case that you left school with no qualifications or you may have many qualifications. Everyone is welcome to apply.

Usually people will be accepted onto the course following attendance at an interview.

Interviews will involve 2 or 3 people from partner organisations involved in the programme. It is likely that places on the course will be limited so we have to try to ensure we fill those spaces as best we can with those who are most likely to benefit from the course.

The interview is not required to ‘catch you out’ but to give you the chance to find out more about the course and if is right for you. It also gives you the chance to explain who you are and why you want to be on the course. It will also give you the opportunity to find out if you will get the most out of attending.

Each course involves 8 weeks training. One training session per week. Each training session lasts approximately 3 hours.

Sessions will take place during the day and for some courses there will be evening sessions available too.

This will enable you to access the course depending on your circumstances.

Venue Barca-Leeds, Armley Park Court
Healthy Living Network, Armley Park Court, Stanningley Road, LS12 2AE
Learning outcomes - Improved Job Opportunities - Free Training Course - Meeting New Skills
Suitable for I want to work for a Not-For-Profit organisation.’ ‘I want to work for an organisation which supports people who have had problems’ (Perhaps with drink or drugs, Mental Health, homelessness, Domestic Abuse, offending or such like).’ ‘I know I’d be good at it, but I can’t get my foot in the door.’
How to book Please contact Natasha at Barca – or 0113 255 9582 for information.
Cost Free of charge