Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent

When 19 February at 10:00am to 11:45am, 2018
Provided by Leeds City Council
Description Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent Prevent is one of the 4 main elements of the overall UK strategy for countering terrorism, known as CONTEST. Prevent aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism by focusing on the following 3 objectives; • challenging ideology that supports terrorism and those who promote it; • protecting vulnerable individuals from being drawn into terrorism through appropriate advice and support; • supporting sectors and institutions where there is a risk of radicalisation. It is essential the voluntary sector is aware of the risk of radicalisation and understand the role they play in safeguarding communities from radicalisation. This training seeks to provide you with a basic understanding of what Prevent is and does and allows for the group to contribute to exercises where the foundations of Prevent are discussed.
Venue Civic Hall
Calverley St, Leeds LS1 1UR
Learning outcomes • Key Aims of Prevent • Exploring the process of radicalisation • Explore What factors that could potentially make somebody vulnerable to extremist ideology • What are the behaviours that might give you cause for concern • What support is available for vulnerable individuals: Exploring CHANNEL.
Suitable for All voluntary sector
How to book Please send an email expressing interest to: