Engage: An Intercultural Approach - Family and Community Intercultural Engagement

When 25 January at 9:30am to 4:00pm, 2019
Provided by Interact: Centre for Intercultural Learning & Action
Description This new, one day, workshop will explore the practical benefits an intercultural approach provides family and community engagement services and professionals.

Workshop overview:-
  1. this is a new and innovative workshop
  2. the workshop combines practical and theoretical perspectives, with the focus being on the practical requirements of workshop delegates
  3. the workshop is flexible and adaptable, and will be shaped by delegate participation
The workshop is based on 4 units, taking delegates through practical and theoretical intercultural concepts and competencies.   The 4 workshop units are:-
  1. Engagement: reflection upon contemporary engagement issues and challenges
  2. Intercultural theories: a review of interdisciplinary intercultural concepts
  3. Intercultural competencies: practical cultural and intercultural competencies
  4. Intercultural practice: exploring the alignment of family and community engagement practice with intercultural intentionality
Venue Horsforth Children's Centre
North Broadgate Lane Horsforth Leeds LS18 5AF
Learning outcomes Delegates will:- * undertake - personal and professional - self-reflection and share cultural perspectives * gain insights and an understanding of cultural intelligence * gain insights and an understanding of intercultural thinking * have an opportunity to reflect on the practical application of intercultural competency
Suitable for Workshop target audience includes: * children's centre managers * school leaders and school engagement personnel * equality and diversity personnel * early childhood education and care managers and practitioners * family support workers * parental involvement workers * community development workers * community trainers and educators * community development and community support workers
How to book Further details, leaflets and registration forms available from either: * interact.paul@gmail.com * interactglobal.co
Cost £20 per delegate. Light refreshments, snacks and hot & cold drinks will be provided.